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     I am a retired physician whose passion for photography extends over 45 years. From film to the incredible digital age, photography has led me around the world to observe and document many truly amazing places and subjects. My interests have varied over the years and included such diverse areas as underwater and bird photography. Recently, my primarily focus has been on landscapes, particularly seascapes. I have been fortunate enough to have a few images published in magazines and books. The images in these galleries have been chosen to reflect the eclectic nature of my work. I have also added a few images of my wife and me out in the field, primarily for friends and family.  

     I am happy to say that my chosen hobby had enabled me to survive the daily stress of a private medical practice. When out in the field looking through my camera and composing, I thought of nothing other than what laid before me. Now, in retirement, it has provided the same amount of joy, even though the stress is now gone.

     It was never my intent to turn photography into a money-making enterprise. I truly believe that such an endeavor would have led to undue pressure and, perhaps, frustration. With that being said, I have sold a few prints over the years and will never turn down a sincere request. 

     If you have any questions about equipment, workflow or any other issues, please contact me using the contact page on this site. I am always delighted to share information, discuss technique(s) and offer advice. 

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